Conisbrough weather station Temperature: 7.8°C   (feels Like:6.9°C)   Humidity: 88%
Barometer: 1020.83hPa  (Rising slowly)  Rainfall Rate: 0.0mm/hr   Today's Rain: 0.2mm
Av Wind Speed: 0.0mph   Bearing: 0°---

Current observations recorded at 21:00 on 21 October 2016

 Conisbrough, South Yorkshire : Latitude N 53° 29' 06"  Longitude W 01° 12' 42"  Elevation 70 m

Dawn 07:08 Dusk 18:30
Sunrise 07:44 Sunset 17:54
Length of daylight 11:22 Daylength 10:10
Moonrise 22:41 Moonset 13:38
Moon Age 21 day(s) Moon Phase Waning Gibbous

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Conisbrough Monthly Rainfall

Established as an amateur weather recording station on 14th December 2011, for the past 1773 days the local weather conditions in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, have been recorded using a Davis Vantage Pro II Weather Station. The latest observations from our weather station, along with historical records, are uploaded to the Conisbrough Weather Station website every 15 minutes using Cumulus weather station software. For the purpose of maintaining consistent records, the meteorological day used at this station runs from midnight to midnight.

Davis Weather Station Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours

Cumulus Weather Software Forecast: Fine weather

12-24 Hour Forecast: 

You can view and compare our recorded weather data either by month, year or season. Take a look at the data we have collected over the past 1773 days and see how the weather in Conisbrough has fared during that time.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is an amateur weather recording station collecting local meteorological information and data from Conisbrough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, which may or may not correspond to any national or regional forecasts. Information published on this site should be used for entertainment purposes only and not be relied upon to represent an accurate forecast for any critical situation.

The table below records the most recent observations from our weather station. Select any of the menu links located near the top and bottom of these pages for all our previous data.

Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 7.8 °C Dew Point 5.9 °C
Windchill 7.8 °C Humidity 88 %
Heat Index 7.8 °C Apparent Temperature 6.9 °C
Solar Radiation 0 W/m2 Evapotranspiration Today 0.58 mm
Precipitation Today 0.2 mm Precipitation Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Precipitation This Month 23.6 mm Precipitation This Year 470.0 mm
Precipitation Last Hour 0.0 mm Last Recorded Precipitation 21 October 2016 at 06:23
Wind Speed (gust) 0.0 mph Wind Speed (avg) 0.0 mph
Wind Bearing 0° --- Beaufort Scale F0 - Calm
Barometer  1020.83 hPa Rising slowly 0.11 hPa/hr


Packets Received 22750 Packets Missed 778 No of resyncs 0
Pond Temperature 13.3 °C
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